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Rahul Gandhi Girlfriend 2011

How will Rahul Gandhi choose his bride?
The heir to the Congress party throne is 'as close to a dynastic princely ascendancy as exists in a modern democracy.' Will he go the Will way?

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and his Colombian girlfriend found in illegal possession of about $200,000FBI had detained him along with his girlfriend Sep 21, 2001 WHY released by Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who was the Indian prime minister

Rahul Gandhi will be 41 years old in June 2011. Next to nothing is known about his love life, other than a Spanish girlfriend he once publicly named as Veronique Cartelli.

In marriage, there's "more at stake" for the heir of the Congress party throne than there is for Britain's future king, writes Paul Beckett in a recent article in the Wall Street Journal.

For one, writes Beckett, "[T]he relevancy of the British monarchy has been declining steadily for even longer than the British Empire, so not surprisingly the wedding of the one-after-the-next-king-of-England is heavy on pomp and light on geopolitical significance. Many of us will be dead by the time this fine young couple ascends to their rightful place atop the thrones of the King and Queen of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and British Dominions Beyond the Seas, if there are any left by then."

"The future of Britain does not depend on how good a king William is," he writes.

"Mr. Gandhi has no such luxuries. Soon enough, no doubt, he will be India’s prime minister ... [he] will govern ... almost one fifth of the world’s population. And given the powers vested in the office, he has the potential to be the steward of a new phase in India’s development that will see it fulfill its potential. Or he can succumb to the rampant corruption, cronyism and trough-feeding that afflict so many of his counterparts in the political realm and which drag India down."

Even though Rahul's late father Rajiv married an Italian woman named Sonia, his son "might see that he has the chance of selecting a bride who will boost his own political future in a way that is more reminiscent of the monarchs of old," Beckett writes.

What marital alliance should Rahul Gandhi make? An Islamic bride? A devout Hindu bride? A bride from a neighboring country or a far-fetched foreigner?

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Biography for Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi is the son of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Congress president Sonia Gandhi. Rahul and his younger sister, Priyanka have been in the public eye since the day they were born as at the time their grandmother Indira Gandhi was India's Prime Minister. Even their great-grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru was a prime minister of India, in fact, the first.

Rahul studied in Modern School, New Delhi for a while and then went to St. Stephen's College (Delhi) where he did History Hons. After that he went to Harvard and then to London where he was a financial consultant. He returned to India in 1999 and was seen alongside his mother, Sonia Gandhi during the 1999 Lok Sabha campaign.

Rahul has not been too much in the public eye, but has always retained a certain enigma about him. The Indian public is always interested to learn the latest information about him. He is still not married, but is said to have a Columbian girlfriend. Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka spoke to the media for the first time in January 2004 while touring Amethi, the constituency in Uttar Pradesh that has been represented by their father and is currently represented by their mother. Rahul Gandhi and his sister, Priyanka went to Karachi and watched the first ODI match between India and Pakistan in March 2004 and the public in Pakistan were happy to see them. Their presence in the match proved to be luck for India, it won. The enigma about whether Rahul Gandhi will enter active politics is now over. On March 21, 2004 the Congress party announced that Rahul Gandhi would be the Congress party's candidate for the Lok Sabha seat from Amethi, currently represented by his mother, Sonia, who has shifted her constituency to Rae Barelli.


  • September 8, 2011 at 9:24 AM

    Dear Rahul, to refresh your memory, you were arrested/detained by the
    FBI AT the BOSTON Airport in September 2001.
    You were carrying with you $ 1,60,000 in Cash. You couldn't explain why
    you were carrying so much Cash.
    (Incidentally He was with his Columbian girlfriend Veronique Cartelli,
    ALLEGEDLY, the Daughter of Drug Mafia. 9 HOURS he was kept at the
    Airport. Later then freed on the intervention of the then Prime Minister
    Mr. Vajpayee.. FBI filed an equivalent of an FIR in US and released him.
    When FBI was asked to divulge the information, by Right/Freedom to
    Information Activists about the reasons Rahul was arrested ...
    FBI asked for a NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE from Rahul Gandhi.
    So Subramaniyam Swami wrote a Letter to Rahul Gandhi, " If you have
    NOTHING to HIDE, Give us the Permission"
    You go to Harvard on Donation Quota. ( Hindujas Gave HARVARD 11 million
    dollars the same year, when Rajiv Gandhi was in Power)
    Then you are expelled in 3 Months/ You Dropped out in 3 Months....
    (Sadly Manmohan Singh wasn't the Dean of Harvard that time, else
    you might have had a chance... Too Bad, there is only one Manmohan
    Then Why did you go about lying about being Masters in Economics from
    Harvard .. before finally taking it off your Resume upon questioning
    by Dr. SUBRAMANIYAM SWAMI (The Gentlemen who exposed the 2G Scam)
    At St. Stephens.. You Fail the Hindi Exam. Hindi Exam!!!
    And you are representing the Biggest Hindi Speaking State of the


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