Saturday, May 7, 2011

'Dexter' season 6 plot details revealed

"Dexter" will be back this Fall for season 6, and fans are dying to find out, what Dexter Morgan will do next. What's left for the murderer with a heart of gold to take on?

After Dexter's wife, Rita, was killed in the shocking season 4 finale, Dexter (Michael C. Hall) had been less than enthusiastic about his life, and his "dark passenger." Until he met Lumen. (Julia Stiles) Now that chapter of his life seems to be closed, the Miami police officer will be getting back to his roots for season 6.

"Dexter this season will be in some ways a return to the Dexter that you’ve seen in the early seasons,” Showtime president David Nevins told TVLine. “There’s a really interesting story and journey that he’s going to be on this year. There’s going to be some degree of getting back to his roots.”

Nevins also revealed that the focus will be put back onto the sibling relationship between Dexter and his sister Debra Morgan. (Jennifer Carpenter) While Carpenter and her on screen brother, Michael C. Hall, recently filed for divorce in reality, season 6 will center around their on screen relationship as brother and sister. Will this be the year that Deb finally finds out her brothers secret?

But who will Dexter Morgan be battling this season? Reportedly, there will be no one foe for Dex this season. The days of the Ice Truck Killer and Trinity are over. (for now) The blood splatter analyst will go back to his early days of finding and killing some of Miami's worst criminals.

"I'm excited for the new season," said one Cleveland resident. "Can't wait," tweeted another fan. What are your thoughts on 'Dexter' going back to his roots in season 6?


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