Friday, May 6, 2011

Dallas Mavericks Took Control After Losing The First Half


Mavericks have not only stunned Lakers but also every that person who has interest in the ongoing competitions. They were going at a deficit of 16 points up to the third quarter and still they came back in a glory. They have qualified for the finals of Western Conference after defeating Lakers with 96-94.

Dirk Nowitzki, the forward of Mavericks, scored 28 points; two other players of Dallas Mavericks attained double figures in semi-final against Lakers.
Before the start of game Dallas Coach Rick Carlisle had said that the balance of Mavericks was a big part for their success in each game of Western Conference. His team makes a strategy for each team; therefore, no one knows who will be the top scorer by the end of playoff. The previous match of Mavericks against Lakers was just an exhibition of this fact because two reserve players reached double figures. Usually, five or six Mavericks’ players reach five or more points in each game.

Coach Rick Carlisle further added that each player of his team could win the game. This aspect of Dallas is the strength of his side because no one knows in the opposition that from where points will come against them. In its results most of the time mavericks manage to win their games.
Carlisle had said to his team at the end of first half that they should concentrate on their game and forget about every other thing. Possessions always play their role in each player’s performance so each player should try to hack the opposite side with the best of his performance. It was the reality of situation and his team followed his words; as a result, his side won the game against Lakers with a close margin of 96-94.


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