Saturday, May 7, 2011

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There is a crisis in Italian watch Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley live stream online free fight football. An unprecedented series of refereeing errors (or “favours”, as many would prefer to believe) nearly all of which have benefited Juventus, has led to a degree of soul searching rare even in a country so frantically passionate about football as Italy.

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The most recent occurred in the “match of the season”, Juve v Inter of April 26th, when Ronaldo was denied what seemed the clearest of penalties by referee Piero Ceccarini who then, within seconds, awarded a penalty at the other end. Admittedly, Del Piero missed it, but the damage had already been done. Inter President Massimo Moratti left the stadium 20 minutes from the end, commenting that referees were conditioned to favour Juve, and that he did not wish to be made a fool of any longer. Ronaldo called the decision “a disgrace”. To add insult to injury, Inter’s Ze Elias, sent off for a foul less heinous than one for which Juve’s Davids was let off, was suspended for three matches and Ronaldo and Zamorano for two.

Had all of this been an isolated case of a referee having a bad game it would probably have blown over, even allowing for the importance of the occasion. But it wasn’t. Throughout the season Juve have benefited from a series of decisions which can be euphemistically described as “strange”. Back in the autumn, Ferrara cleared a shot from Udinese’s Bierhoff when it was clearly over the line. The score at the time was 1-1, and the game was in the second half. The final result was 4-1, but it is reasonable to think that had Udinese been awarded the goal, a draw was probably the maximum that Juve would have achieved.

Then, in February, Roma were denied what seemed a clear penalty by international referee Messina for a foul by Deschamps with the score at 2-1 late in a game Juve won 3-1. Against Lazio in Rome, Italy’s “top”’ referee, Collina, first sent off Nedved for protesting, and then judged as involuntary a case of hands by a Juve defender as he jumped with a Lazio forward at a corner. It was the last minute and Juve won 1-0. On April 19th at Empoli, with 15 minutes to go and Juve winning 1-0, Bianconi’s header was clearly over the line before Peruzzi scooped it out, but referee Rodomonti said no. Comically, television showed him mouthing “I saw it all, I saw it all”.


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