Saturday, May 7, 2011

aljunied grc election WP's Low hails political landmark

THE Workers' Party (WP) chief Low Thia Khiang's biggest political gamble of his life paid off as he led his team to a historic victory in Aljunied GRC in Saturday's general election.

Hailing the breakthrough by the opposition as a 'political landmark in modern Singapore', a heavily garlanded Mr Low, thanking voters and supporters for his team's win, said after the official results or the hotly-contested GRC were announced: 'You have made history tonight. This is a political landmark in modern Singapore.

'Your courage has been a real breakthrough for future generations. We know this has not been an easy decision for all of you. You have cast aside doubts and fears, and have taken a real leap of faith.

'Your votes tell us that the Government that you want is a home, not just a house. Your votes tell the world that Singapore is just not an economic success to you. Singapore is our home.'

Mr Low went for broke by moving out of his 20-year stronghold in single-seat Hougang to contest Aljunied GRC with an 'A' team comprising party chairman Sylvia Lim, corporate lawyer Chen Show Mao, postgraduate law student Pritam Singh and freelance counsellor Muhamad Faisal abdul Manap, and won by a comfortable margin of 55 per cent.


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