Monday, May 16, 2011

Joakim Noah And The Bulls Dominate LeBron James Heat In Game One

The Chicago Bulls, lead by Joakim Noah’s rebounds, dominated the Miami Heat in game 1 tonight at the United Center in Chicago 103-82 in the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Bulls, lead by Derrick Rose (28 points) and Luol Deng (21 points and 7 rebounds) points wise and Joakim Noah in rebounds (14 and 9 points), sailed past the Miami Heat in game one. Carlos Boozer had 9 rebounds and 14 points for the evening as well for the Bulls.

As for the Heat, Chris Bosh lead their defeat, with 30 points for the evening and 9 rebounds. Dwyane Wade added 18 points and 3 rebounds and LeBron James added 15 points and 6 rebounds and 6 assists.

Chicago, who trailed at the end of the first quarter 23-20, had a fight as well going into halftime with the score tying at 48 each. However, in the third Chicago clearly started to pull away, almost doubling the Heat 24-15 in the third and 31-19 in the fourth quarter. Maybe they were out to prove something to the press who hyped Miami as the clear favorites to win this series? Or maybe the voodoo dolls that Clevelanders made for LeBron are finally starting to work?



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