Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Miss Ripley Korean Drama

It was on the day of May 20th of the year 2011, that a new show premiered on the MBC and it shook the world and made sure that the many people around the world got stuck to their television screens during the entire length of the program. This, Miss Ripley has been one of the leading shows that has premiered this summer and it is making great progress. It has had a tremendous beginning and it is being predicted that this show is going to be a huge success. The pilot episode alone gave the viewer ship of 13.2% to the show, the highest among the many series that have started lately. It is being said that this might be the leading show of the summer season this year owing to the great ranking that it is gaining over a very short period. The viewers were captivated during the show not only by the story but also by the actress, Lee Da Hae who has performed very well on the show. She in this show plays the role of a hostess at a bar who has run away from her country Japan and is now looking to settling down in Korea and making a life for herself around in this country. She, for the sake of getting a job in Korea, lies to the employers saying that she is a student a the Tokyo University but her lie is caught and that has huge consequences for her life ahead. This show is very popular among the many people of Singapore, Japan and Korea and it is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. The people are waiting eagerly for the next episode of the show.


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