Saturday, May 7, 2011

George Yeo facebook singapore reaches out to Singaporean youths

SINGAPORE: Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo has reached out to young Singaporean voters through a personalised video uploaded onto his Facebook page.

In the two-and-a-half minute video, Mr Yeo, the PAP candidate for Aljunied GRC, called for younger voters to allow him to be their "voice in government".

He acknowledged that many young Singaporeans "think that the government is arrogant and high-handed".

He said the PAP government understands issues such as education, housing, transportation, healthcare and foreigners have led to frustration and anger amongst young people.

As such, he has promised to listen to what young voters have to say, calling on them to message him on Facebook directly.

He also added that young people have taught him "how to blog, how to run a Facebook account, how to communicate, how to speak, even how to listen."

Mr Yeo ended by saying "How you vote on May 7 is your decision. Whatever you choice, I will respect it. We have a stake in each other."

The video, entitled "My personal message to my young Singaporean friends", garnered some 400 likes within the first half-hour after it was posted.

Mr Yeo, whose Facebook page has attracted more than 23,000 fans, is one of the first few in the PAP government to use Twitter and Facebook to stay in touch with his constituents and other young Singaporeans.


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