Wednesday, May 18, 2011

End of the World: May 21st, 2011 Billboards predict end of the world

EUGENE, Ore. - Billboards are popping up all over the country predicting the end of the world on May 21st.

The signs say Judgment Day is May 21, 2011.

Eighty-nine-year old Harold Camping is the man behind the prediction. He said after years of studying the bible, he believes God will destroy the earth starting May 21st.

"There's going to be a big earthquake that will make the one in Japan seem like a Sunday school picnic," said Camping.

Camping is the founder of Family Radio in Oakland, Calif. The programs are heard in 48 languages around the world. Family Radio is spearheading a multi-million dollar campaign letting people know about the end of the world.

The organization planted billboards with their message around U.S., including in Oregon. Camping once predicted the end back in 1994, but when it didn't come true - he claimed there was an error in his calculations.

Pastor Gary Clark of Eugene Christian Fellowship said no one knows when the world will end and quoted Matthew 24:36 as his source for this information.

"Nobody has the authority to set those dates except the Father and He's not talking," said Clark.

"The emphasis is not to try and predict the day but live in such a way that if it's your number you're ready for the new world," said Clark.

Clark said rather than getting people ready for the end the billboards and the end of the world prediction only make it harder for some to believe.

 "Things like this only add to the difficulty of trying to create an opportunity for a hearing and audience of people who don’t believe in Christianity," said Clark.

Camping said May 21st is just the beginning of the end. He said the earth and universe will be completely destroyed five months later on October 21.



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