Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Felixia Yeap Bunny Playboy the first MALAYSIAN Playboy bunny

Felixia Yeap Bunny Playboy the first MALAYSIAN Playboy bunny
China Press reported that Malaysian model Felixia Yeap (Felixia Yeap Chin Yee) has become a Facebook sensation after she became the first Malaysian Playboy bunny at the Macau Playboy Club at Sands Macao--the only Playboy Club in Asia.

See the above two photos (Source from the Net; just google for 'felixia yeap'), it's hard to imagine such a face that potentially can also launch a thousand ships (Sorry, Helen of Troy!) is now famous as the first Malaysian playboy bunny. No, let's not stress on the word 'first', but on the word 'Malaysian'.

Malaysia, truly boleh!

It's easier to visualise her wearing an innocent, say, Mickey Mouse t-shirt & becomes the first Malaysian Minnie for Disney's House of Mouse.

Hey, I don't mean to criticize her severely! I mean, who would have the heart to do so, what, with such an innocent face.

Yet, this latest news of her being the first Malaysian Playboy bunny is really undoing her achievement so far! Felixia Yeap was one of the top 18 finalists of the last year Miss Universe Malaysia! And in her blog as the contestant, she showed so much potential as she expressed her thought as clear as her crystal eyes.

Felixia Yeap - Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 blog

Pity the crown went to Nadine Ann Thomas.

And instead of tiara, Felixia Yeap chose to don a Playboy bunny ears, instead. Oh, Felixia! Whatever did you think?? That's not the appropriate way to "represent the country you are proud of, Malaysia..."!

Her other accomplishments is for sure eclipsed by her latest fame of being the 1st Malaysian Playboy bunny.

So much for being a finalist in the TV reality show, "I Wanna Be A Model (Season 3)" when she's just 19 years old...

So much for being the 1st runner-up for Miss Chinese World Malaysia 2006...

So much for being listed in the Hall of Fame for Miss Malaysia Tourism 2007...

So much for being a finalist for FHM Girl Next Door 2009...

So much for winning the title as VelocityAngels Model Of The Year 2009...

So much for winning the Panasonic Lumix Star Of The Year 2010 (and thus, being the first official prominent ambassador for the Lumix series in Malaysia)...

Well, in retrospect, one shouldn't be unduly shocked with her being the Playboy bunny as she was once quoted to say:

    “One of the biggest reasons I love beaches is because I get to wear really tiny bikinis and run around in public - provided I don’t get in trouble with the law.”

From The Star, "A model who loves lingeries, stilettos and cats".

I guess, the more appropriate question now is whether or not she'll get in trouble with the law once she's back to Malaysia.

After all, this is Malaysia we're talking about.


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