Saturday, May 7, 2011

Magic Johnson: L.A.'s chances 'slim,' Mavs have Lakers pointing fingers at one another

Arguably the greatest Los Angeles Laker of all-time has taken to his Twitter account to critique the recent actions of his former team.

During a one hour period Wednesday night, Magic Johnson tweeted the following:

-- “I have never seen a team take it to the Lakers at home in back-to-back playoff games.”

-- “I was surprised the Lakers didn't come out w/more intensity & better execution. Dallas is doing a tremendous job keeping them off balance.”

-- “The Mavs have the Lakers pointing fingers at one another. It's going to be a tough climb to come back and I think their chances are slim.”

-- “Both Miami and Dallas are playing head and shoulders above the rest right now.”

Johnson continued to discuss the Lakers on Wednesday, only this time his tweets were directed at Lakers center Andrew Bynum.

Bynum said the Lakers were struggling from "trust issues" following Wednesday night’s loss.

“I mean I think it’s quite obvious to anybody watching the game,” Bynum said. “Hesitation on passes, defensively not being there for your teammate because he wasn’t there for you before.”

Johnson responded by tweeting: “Bynum should have never made those comments publicly. Call a players only meeting and discuss those issues internally with your teammates.”

Added Johnson: “The Lakers need to be less focused on each other and more focused on the Dallas Mavericks.”

Johnson, who won five championships while playing for the Lakers, bought 4.5 percent ownership of the team in June 1994, but sold those shares in October.


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