Monday, May 16, 2011

Disney Cruise Fun For All Ages

If you are like me then you grew up loving Disney movies. The Princess and the Prince may not be the same as they were back then but there are still some great movies. What would be better than going on a Disney cruise? Not too many things that is for sure.

disney cruiseSome of the things that you can expect on a Disney cruise are live Disney shows as well as meet and greets with the characters. You will be able to get plenty of photos with your favorite characters which will allow you to capture memories for years to come. A Disney cruise will appeal to anyone no matter what age they are.

If the parents need a little time to themselves there is a daycare on board what caters to kids up to 13 years old. If your kids are 14 to 17 there is a room that they can hang out at which will allow them listen to music, watch television and play the latest video games. As you can see going on a Disney cruise is a great idea. If you at the right time you will be able to find a great discount.



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