Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Debbie Hong Pooi Mun

It was a twenty three year old Singapore native who went to the dentist as his teeth were not naturally straight. He wanted to have the braces treatment done to ensure that his teeth straightened and he did not know what he asked for. The doctor treated him and when he came out of the dentist's clinic, he was two teeth short. How did this happen? Why would a dentist take out the teeth when the patient did not have any problems in those teeth and that he did not suffer from any problems with those particular teeth. That is the question that is haunting the many people around in Singapore who have been wanting an answer from the doctor in question. This was just a case of mistake and misunderstanding at the National Dental Center in Singapore. The case in question earned the patient who lost two teeth because of the incorrect treatment a free corrective treatment, that is, he will be getting free implants for this problem. The first ever dental surgery incidenty that came into the light was the one that came forth in the year 2007 when a clerk mistakenly put the extracting teeth chit in another patients file and another patient was called into the room for treatment. This led to the wrongful extraction of the teeth. That was the first time that Dr. Debbie Hong Pooi Mun extracted the wrong teeth from the wrong patient. This is the second time that this doctor has made a similar mistake and the patient this time is not ready to let go of her mistake. He has filed a complaint and he plans to get her practicing licence revoked as her mistake has cost him a lot.


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