Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Aya Hirano scandal 2011 photos

Latest issue of Japanese magazine, Bubka (known for publishing accurate scandals) has published pictures of Aya Hirano in bed with what seems to be a 'post-sex' photo. According to sources, the reason behind why she was "sacked" by her label was due to her SCANDALOUS affairs with her band mates.

Many are convinced that the guy in the picture with her is none other than, "Katsundo" who's a 35 year old guitarist in Aya's band. Further revelations by insiders within her agency include, Aya being very "feisty" with her bandmates that she "slept" with 3/4 of her bandmates except for the bassist. As a result she was reported on and the three who slept with her got fired.


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