Sunday, July 24, 2011

Captain America The First Avenger, a Fair review.(Spoilers)

Ok, Captain America has been a movie of much debate and for a while has had mixed reviews. And in my opinion it’s all about taste when it comes to most of the. Having just finished watching the film (in 2D) I was glad to see that they did destroy one of my favorite characters of all time.
What really drew me into the story is the fact that it actually has The Cap frozen in ice method rather than something considered “More realistic.” But I’m rambling.
The movie was a well written film with a good message. Steve Rogers is a good man, and that is why he gets to be this hero. And he retains these values without coming off as preachy. Which is hard to do in a Pro War movie. He does not want to kill, but if it is the only way to protect his country he will. The dialogue felt like it belonged in the 1940’s. And while it is jokey, it is not jokey to the point of ridiculousness *cough cough Transformers Movies Cough cough Green Lantern* The Humor felt like it was natural and flowed well. They never sacrificed character for a joke.
The casting in this film was very well done!
Chris Evans: When I first heard about the casting for Captain America rumor was that it was going to be the Chris Pine who played Steve, and I thought that was brilliant, then I heard it was Chris Evans, The Human Torch. I was disappointed, but I must say he disappeared into this role, I forgot he was ever the human torch and saw Cap! His facial expressions his actions everything.


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